What better way to entertain the children than to do some arts and crafts with them, some may shudder at the thought others may embrace this……But one thing is for sure the Children’s Art Galleries has got this subject and the endless catalogue of our children’s art down to a tee. They have set up an art gallery for tots to tweens to showcase and archive their artwork and creative creations!

Last week my son was so delighted with the package that he was sent, his eyes nearly popped out when he opened his box from the Children’s Art Gallery. In there was a multitude of arty bits, pens, pencils, chalks, ribbon, all sizes textures of various coloured paper, bubble wrap, glue, paint, the very ‘en trend’ pom poms and various glittery stickers. Without a doubt he was in his element and sat down straight away to start on his creations.


In the box was a very friendly note explaining why he had got this box and could he make a picture using his creativity illustrating “This Is How I feel today”. On a second sheet there were some words giving you ideas about how you may be feeling: happy, sad, giggly, silly, brave, funny, strong, frustrated, excited, etc.. etc.. along with a couple of briefs of some artists and their pictures showing feelings.

Whilst he was pottering about making his creations we chatted about different feelings, which lead on to many other conversations. Fun and laughter was had by us both, plus some great artwork produced too. Once he was finished came my question ‘what was I going to do with it all?’ I’m not being funny, I don’t want it all over my kitchen cupboards, the playroom is full of is creativeness and I cannot keep it all. Granny and Nanny have been sent umpteen bits of work, do they need anymore? This is where CAG (Childrens Art Galleries) has come up with a solution.  Take a picture of your child’s work, give it a name or a caption and post it on to their very own art gallery, giving you and them a permanent record to keep looking back at.


As well as you having your own personal gallery, your children’s artwork can be seen by others all over the world which encourages them to be more creative with their own work and bounce ideas off each other.

Ok so there is a cost to this genius archiving for us adults, and for your child’s/children’s own picture gallery, but a very minimal one starting off at £3.00 per year. Now isn’t that money well spent?


The next part of the plan with CAG is to offer albums for the parents, so that the child’s artwork can be admired for years to come, just like a family photo album. What a great present for members of the family at Christmas time, special birthdays, celebrations or get well occasions or just for a keepsake.

We are off to sign up now. Have a wonderful and creative time readers, from all of us at



This was one of my sons creations, soon you’ll be able to see them on the gallery!

‘Friday Feeling’ by Small Child 7 years and 4 months.