Clip ‘N Climb

As soon as we walked in the building, all our faces lit up – we knew that the afternoon was going to be good fun!

Our first visit to Clip ‘N Climb in Tonbridge, was a great success, it was easy to find, had parking and is pure entertainment for both children 4+ and adults. (Smaller children are catered for by having their own play area).

Like most of these type of activities you book a time slot, arrive 15 minutes earlier and have a briefing before being allowed on the equipment. This was made fun, by our host and the short video we had to watch, harnesses were put on and checked, the rules were in place and off the children went to tackle the 23 climbing walls ahead of them.

img_4415pictures include the SPEED CLIMB, THE CIRCUIT, and the AMAZING WALL.

Each wall was different in design, each had their own challenges, and some more difficult than others.


pictured above ORBITAL to the left and the BALL WALL to the right.

There were rotating wall spinners named as Orbital, a ball wall, an Amazing Wall, (you guessed it, in the shape of a maze!), The speed climb, where you can time yourself getting to the top, (rumour has it just over 2 seconds is the fastest! Puts our 21 seconds to shame!) The opposite walls of Dry Ice and Lightening, and one of our favourites the Face to Face – where you have a see through wall and see who gets to the top first! (pictured below)


You can also upgrade your entry to include two goes on the Drop Slide (a type of death slide which you are pulled up and then you let go at the height you want) and the Stairway To Heaven (various height poles that get slowly higher and higher as they go round!).





Agility and courage is put to the test!




For those who are not participating there is a cafe area, serving the usual hot and cold soft drinks, snacks and limited hot menu, with specials of the day. There is free WIFI so parents/carers etc. can work whilst the children play, however I am sue that you won’t get much work done as you will be watching all the goings on.

After our hour was up, the children came out buzzing

“That was awesome” “That was the best” (O and M aged 7).

We had an absolute blast at Clip ‘N Climb, the boys didn’t stop talking about it all the way home, and cannot wait to go back and take their friends. As from a parents point of view – It is clean, tidy, the staff were fabulous and very attentive, (they got the children on to the safety wires as soon as their hands were raised (it all makes sense when you’ve done the safety briefing), all in all great value for money, and I would recommend the upgrades to do the Drop Slide and Stairway to Heaven.

A great idea for a children’s party! (Shame I’ve just sorted my sons out!)

Click here to find your nearest Clip ‘N Climb


Oh you certainly will, I’m thinking of a Mum’s trip out when the children are back at school!

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