Top Ten Holiday Items for Skiing.

Our Top Ten ‘things’ to take on a Skiing Holiday


1. Drawstring bag by Annabelles Applique – this is a must have for when we are away as it is used for my son’s ‘Mini Club’ bag which contains change of clothes, extra gloves, hats, and the odd toy. It’s roomy to contain all the extras, is personalised so he knows it is his, and is durable as has been on many holidays and is still as good as new.

2. The travel adapters – needed so we can charge up the phones, and IPads, not to mention the laptops and Go Pros, or cameras and other gadgets! All are so important so we can take photos, communicate and to capture the  memories we make.

3. Pilates may not be for all, BUT we find it helps with our skiing – core stability and posture, the band is to help to do some stretching before and after hitting the slopes, easing those aches and pains.

4. Sunscreen and lip Balm is essential – we have tried and tested many over the years and this is a firm favourite, both from My Showcase.

5. Ski socks – there is nothing worse than cold feet, these toasty socks by Muddy Puddles will keep the children’s feet warm and cosy all day, a Brucie Bonus that I have small feet to so can wear them too!


6. Dobble  – This is our ‘Holiday Game’ first discovered on a Mark Warner holiday, Dobble now comes with us wherever we go, comes in a tin so no battered boxes, a great game for all age groups!

7. Euros – well you are always going to need that well deserved, hot chocolate, Gluhwein, crepe, or the children are going to want euros for the pool table!

8. Nothing can beat the comfy Mama hoodie from Selfish Mother – a great throw on for breakfast, and getting the children ready for ski school, plus a great top to relax in after a hard days ski.

9. BLO Pens – The children love these BLO Pens, play with them in the snow and get creative, last year they also made some fantastic pictures with the childcare teams.

10. The SKI JACKET – we love these POLARN O. PYRET jackets, the children have had them since young, 3 jackets in one, (fleece jacket, shell jacket and zip them together as one, durable, lightweight, breathable and flexible), they are never going to be cold, as well as great colours to stand out from the crowd.


Hope this has been of some use – do tell us about any ‘must haves’ that you take on a ski holiday.

Thanks for reading.