The wardrobe edit.

A few weeks ago I had the delight of Dressed by Sarah come to my house to do a wardrobe edit for me……..

A great service before you go and spend those pennies!

Introducing Sarah

Sarah is a fully qualified personal stylist for both men and women, she has worked with Oasis as their stylist for over 5 years and has now branched our by herself to style both men and women using her stylist diploma and experience with colours analysis & body contouring.

What is a wardrobe edit?

Basically it’s where Sarah comes to look at the contents of your wardrobe, and sees what suits you, by shape and colour wise, what is maybe a little old, what compliments your shape and style. Sarah then shows you new ways to wear your clothes putting items together that you wouldn’t necessarily have done, and matching items together to compliment your daily activities.

In all honestly as much as I was excited about this, I was also a little nervous, I had images of half my wardrobe being put to one side for the charity shops and having nothing to wear, I thought she may possibly laugh at some of my clothing and I would feel that I needed a whole new wardrobe. Eeeek at the cost of that.

How wrong was I.

First things first we had a chat over a cuppa! Talked about my weekly routine, what kind of things I wore for what occasions and what I was looking to get out of the session.

Then it was to go to the wardrobe, Sarah put up a rack and asked me to put items of clothing from my wardrobe and cupboards into 3 sections, things that I wear regularly, occasional wear and things that I couldn’t remember the last time I wore them. We then went through these, asking why did I wear or not wear them, what I liked/didn’t like about them etc…

Then this is where the magic happened Sarah put together various outfits for different occasions with my own clothes, clothes that I would never have matched together, I learnt to tuck things in, utilise belts, start wearing skirts, I was amazed and would never had put many of the top and bottom combinations together. After about an hour, with lots of laughter and a lot of patience from Sarah, she had literally doubled my wardrobe without even buying any new items.


Another part of the service is that Sarah takes pictures of you in your ‘new’ outfits and she sends them through to you, these are a great reminder when you are trying to piece together the outfit, or need some inspiration for an outfit. I have have referred back to my pictures quite a bit since our edit.

The Extras

Throughout the morning we had a laugh, Sarah put me at ease straight away, she was approachable, easy going and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. 

After the wardrobe edit Sarah then carried out a body analysis of me and also did my colour’s. The body analysis totally backed up the way I had been shown to ‘rewear’ my clothes previously that morning, it was fascinating.  Then came the colour matching service I jumped at the chance of having this added on to the wardrobe edit, something I always wanted to do but never did, it’s amazing how just one shade of the same colour can totally change your skin tone. I now know black isn’t my colour, but grey and navy are, I’m happy with that, plus adding a splash of colour can do wonders to your skin tone and brighten up your eyes.

A great service – the confidence I have gained from this session is immense 

After a very fun morning, I came out with a wardrobe double the size, formed a great new friendship with an honest and friendly lady, have taken away lots of top tips and ideas that suit me, plus I only put to one side 2 tops and a few belts for the charity shops…. sorry about that charities. We did however write a small shopping list look out for Dressed By Sarah Part Two!

For prices and more information or to book Dressed By Sarah use the links below.