Introducing you to Lucie the lady behind Your Nurturing Touch,  our local baby massage therapist, a warm friendly lady instantly puting you and your baby at ease,  classes are based from home and are kept to a limited number making the each class intimate for you and your baby.

Why choose baby massage

Baby massage is a lovely bonding technique for you and your baby, helping with relaxation and sleep, whilst gaining tips for colic, reflux, teething and constipation. It is also a great way to meet new parents and for friendships to form.

What is baby massage

Baby massage has been around for 1000’s of years and you will learn a combination of both Indian and Swedish massage traditions, with a hint of reflexology techniques also.


How do the classes work

The classes are super friendly and kept to limited numbers so YOU get the best of the 90 minute session.  Firstly its a hands on class making the bond between you and baby even stronger. The babies are placed on their backs on a warm cosy mat infront of you, where you strip them off, you are then given some gentle organic natural vegetable oil to rub into your hands, this then warms it up ready for the massaging to start.

Starting on one leg first learning massage techniques from Lucie, you can instantly see the calmness of the children. From the leg the focus moves to the foot and this is where the reflexology techniques are implemented, once the classic nursery rhyme ‘This Little Piggy’ is chanted and the children by now are gurgling away, the massage moves on to the other leg.

Each week focuses on another part of the body so there is not an overload of technique and information on your first visit, each week you revisit these areas and progress on to a new body area, by the end of the 5 week course the whole body is covered.

The classes are structured, but have a relax feel to them as they are obviously baby led and are adaptable to go with the babies flow on the day. 


After massage time there is complimentary tea and cake, where you as a parent/carer/grandparent get the opportunity to get to know one another, ask questions, making this an ideal time to forge new friendships. 

After attending one of Lucie’s sessions it made me realise what a relaxing calm and beneficial class this is to do with a young child. The delight and excitement along with the kicking of babies legs for when the mummies were rubbing their hands with oil was something else. A very sweet sight to see.

To get more of an insight into Your Nurturing Touch have a look at their Facebook page, keeping you up to date with the health benefits of baby massage, class dates, class activities plus more. 

I just wish these classes had been around when my youngest was born, saying that I picked up some tips and techniques and now find myself implementing these after bath time on him. No matter how old they are, they love a massage. 

Classes run regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For bookings or enquiries on Your Nurturing Touch then contact Lucie and she will be able to book you in or answer any questions you may have.

Finally if your debating signing up my advice would be give it a go… Enjoy seeing your baby calm and relaxed whilst you pick up some handy hints for their future growth, as said previously I wish these classes had been around when mine were young. 


Enjoy and spread the word about The Nurturing Touch.