Cleanse with Friends

I met the lovely Christina Burbridge the other day who told me all about her businesses, which includes the 30 day cleansing challenge. If you are looking to lose weight for the summer then this could be your answer.

The products.

The products have no nasties in them, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

They have high quality ingredients and have been rigorously tested for safety.

There is a science based background to the mix of ingredients and products.

There’s a focus on sourcing ingredients from suppliers that value sustainability.

It is healthy for YOU, for the company and the planet.

Is today the day you stop making excuses?

On the 30 day challenge Christina will nurture and guide you as she will be your one to one wellness coach. Not only do you get her support and knowledge but you will also join a Facebook group specifically for those who are going through the same 30 day challenge. you will recieve regular telephone consultations too, and it doesn’t stop here either, as there is the app you can download, giving you informative, motivating articles and information, plus great recipe and food ideas.


Is today the day you take control of your life?


What is the challenge? 

Well if exercise is not your thing and you want a boost in weight loss then this 30 day challenge could be for you. Eating regular balanced foods at meal times, mid morning & mid afternoon snacks the 30 day challenge consists of 6 regular days and 1 cleanse day. Don’t worry as there are recipe ideas for those who need and want inspiration and motivation, plus the support of the facebook group, app and Christina.

Christina regulalry hosts tasting parties which is a great way to get friends and family together and learn more about the products and challenge. Why not try the following:

Sip and Sample – An evening of information and tasting. a fun way to taste, get to know and understand the 30 day challenge.

Stretch and Sample – This includes a 1 hour yoga class along with sampling products from the 30 day challenge.

Take another look at some more before and after pictures and this may make your mind up!

If you fancy hearing and want to know more about the products or challenge, or participate in one of the above taster sessions then please get in touch with Christina who can talk to you more about it. You can contact her on 07956 578494 or drop her an email on

Thanks for the read and be sure to tell us how you get on if you decide to embark on the Cleanse with Friends journey.