So we were supposed to go on location to High Elms for my sons photo session, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t playing ball, so off we went to Harriet’s studio. Nestled in the heart of Orpington, it’s a light airy room, with soft blankets, beanbags and props to choose from.

As we all know taking pictures of children can be quite challenging, if they are in the right mood great, if not then well you may as well give up! But Harriet has the knack to make the children feel comfortable, at ease and can see their potential for getting the best pictures from them.


After getting over the initial shyness O was soon in his element, looking one way then the next, smiling, posing and just generally being himself and having fun. There was never any real staged poses, just him being free with a few suggestions from Harriet to bring the best features out of him and for him to feel comfortable and relaxed… during our session O and Harriet were laughing, chatting and having fun which definitely show in the end product.

45 minutes later the session was over but O could have carried on for longer he was loving it! And so was I as I knew these pictures were going to be special…


Within 24 hours I had a link to O’s gallery, password locked so only we could see them, and WOW weren’t we blown away by the end results. Harriet had captured O’s personality, his best features and most of all just him, the pictures were all delightful and stunning. The hardest bit now was to choose which ones to get!


Ordering the pictures could not have been any easier, literally we clicked on to the ones we liked, we then chose the size, and in the basket they went, like any other internet shopping we paid and our order was confirmed, and no joke 48 hours later there were the pictures sitting on our kitchen table.

We went for classic prints which are now being framed for various family members, but there is also a choice of having them on canvas too, which ever you choose you won’t be disappointed and they make great presents too!

We are so pleased with O’s pictures and he had a great time with Harriet and cannot wait for another session! Hopefully the weather will be kind this time and we can head to the park. I too am excited as I am waiting to get some shots done for profiles and social media posts, so watch this space!

Thanks Harriet

Harriet specialises in newborn, children’s, family and celebratory photography of which a sample can be seen below.








Harriet is also available for business photography sessions, ideal for website visuals, social media posts and headshots for profiles.

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