Herbert’s Healthy Eating Demonstration

I have been to a couple of these demonstrations before at Herbert’s each one having its own theme, this demo was all about healthy eating, a topic on top of many people’s lists, conversations and also a topic that we at BR6Life are really interested in.



Arriving at Herbert’s we were greeted by friendly staff who guided us to a table/sofa area where other guests were waiting, asked our hot drink preference before being told their amazing cake and biscuit choices, normally I opt out but today I was starving so chose the orange and pomegranate cake, it was amazingly tasty. Once all the guests had arrived we were ushered upstairs into the enchanting dining area which had been turned into the demo area.



Angela as always bubbly and chatty greeted us all and soon got underway. Angela went through various information about healthy eating, why it’s important to her and to us including the amount of hidden sugars in foods especially in fruit and how this can affect diabetes and other such health issues. Carrying on from this we got the exciting job of trying three new drinks that she had devised, not smoothies and not juices but healthy drinks all containing natural ingredients targeting different aspects of the body and daily life: GLO, HYDRATE, ENERGISE.

img_2052I couldn’t wait to try the GLO as it had turmeric as an ingredient, something I had heard great things about… I wasn’t to be disappointed it was delicious. All three were delectable but yet all three tasted very different. These will soon be on sale at Herbert’s, both for eat/drink in and take away. It’s so refreshing to see an establishment offering these kind of healthy alternatives instead of having to go to a ‘juice/smoothie’ bar all the way in town.

We then swiftly moved on to the cooking demo, our menu was going to be;

Free Range Chicken with Soy & Shiitake Mushrooms

Shirataki Noodles, Mange Tout & Toasted Nuts

Turkey Black Rice, Mango Salad with Cashews & Coconut & Miso Dressing

img_2049Angela talked us through the recipes, explaining why certain ingredients had been chosen. The Chicken and Shitake Mushroom dish, was the first dish to be made. Whilst she was chopping, peeling, and stirring Angela constantly talked to us explaining what she was doing, answering any questions and giving alternative ingredients that could be used.  Whilst this dish was cooking the noodle dish was made, making it all look so easy and effortless. A few moments later both the dishes were plated and samples were handed out for us to try. My oh my was it delicious. Such a warming, comforting and flavoursome combination of dishes BUT yet being such healthy food too.


The third dish was the rice dish, again chopping, stirring, sprinkling and layering, this dish was again quickly assembled and full of flavour,  along with being a very eyecatching centrepiece on anyone’s dinner table. It looked stunning with all the colours shining out. A fabulous dish in the winter months with the above dishes accompanying it or just as tasty in the summer with some grilled barbecued meat or Halloumi.


A thoroughly enjoyable morning out, and great value for money, learning new skills, tips and and information on cooking and ingredients, along with tasting the dishes too (you wont need lunch after!) The three recipes are not difficult to make, (making the morning even more worthwhile as you know you are going to go home and try these), they look eye catching and are super tasty as well as being good for you. I seriously cannot wait to try these out at home on my family!  Along with The cheeky sticky toffee pudding recipe Angela also gave us (healthy alternative of course!). We are looking forward to the next demo morning titled Bread and Baking which will be held on 6th April.  Click here for more details. http://www.thisisherberts.co.uk/cookery-school

See you there.

Chin Chin  img_1993

Thanks ANGELA and Herberts