Clear Away Dave have some handy tips to help you declutter after Christmas during the long days of January!

Start with one cardboard box and go to each room in your home removing the obvious unwanted items first and put them in the box.

You could use two boxes one for charity donations (unwanted Christmas Presents) and the other for recycling.

Other areas to look at decluttering are:

Your Wardrobe – Think about the last time your wore something, if it was a while ago and you can’t see yourself wearing it then with put it in a bag for the local charity shop or get yourself on EBay or Vinted, and make some money!

Kitchen Cupboards! Yes it’s that time to see what herbs, rubs, random jars you have collected over the last year. Also check the use by dates!  For jars and tins that are in date and that you are unlikely to use, take to a food bank or your local supermarket donation area.

Medicine Cabinet – Like foods, medicines have a use by date too, is it time you check yours?

Make Up and Toiletries – These also don’t last forever, so is it time you checked at the back of the bathroom cabinets, see what lotions and oils you have that aren’t being used.

Make up also has a shelf life, think about the last time you used that lipstick or mascara, you wouldn’t want to get a reaction from something that may be hoarding bacteria.  If you have products that are still boxed up or not been used and are still in date that you are unlikely to use, why not donate them to the Hygiene Bank – a wonderful national charity but donations are kept locally to be used in your area.

Junk Drawer – Most homes have one!  The drawer that ‘stuff’ gets put into, old takeaway menus, a random straw, maybe the odd glove and key! Give it a clean and see if you really need that junk drawer!

Board Games – When was the last time you checked your board games, which ones do you play, which ones are incomplete. Which ones are still sealed!   This may be a good time to have a declutter, keep the ones you like and play, the ones that are still complete but not needed could go to your local charity shop, pubs/cafes or local childrens or cafe homes.

Shoes – Life is to short to wear uncomfortable shoes! Now is the perfect time to go through your shoe wardrobe just like your clothing wardrobe!

Books – Do you have bookshelves crammed full? The new year is an ideal time to go through these, see which are useful, which you enjoy reading, which hold memories. The rest you can recycle or pop along to care homes, preschools, book swap box/cupboards.

Once you have done these your home will feel cleaner, tidier and give you more space!

When you have a few boxes filled give us a call we can remove the rubbish and take your donations to a local charity for you.

Clear Away Dave