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ttthelenSo over a year ago I embarked on the TTT (Tone Trim and Transform) by The Fitness Link. Why? Well I was rather plump and wanted to shift those stubborn pounds, I was exercising regularly and varying my training but nothing seemed to shift it…. then as I started my TTT journey it was quite apparent why these pounds weren’t shifting. It was they way and how I ate. To be fair I thought I ate quite well, home cooked meals etc. I ate my fruit and vegetables and ate a well balanced diet. HOWEVER I do like a glass of wine and I often skipped breakfast and lunch, I would then gorge late afternoon, eat any children’s leftovers from their tea, and then think nothing of it by eating my own dinner! Aren’t most busy mums/dads like that?


The TTT is an 8 week course helping you change your mindset to food and fitness.

There are HIIT home workouts to follow,  as they only take 15-30 minutes, its easy to find the time to fit them in at some point during your day.

Ideas for menu planning


A brief on the food and body scientifics

Shopping list ideas


You are put into a small support WhatsApp group, with others also on the TTT, this for me was a fantastic and immediate way of getting your Q’s and A’s, we bounced recipes off each other and it was a great motivator. I found this the most fantastic and beneficial support system and really helped me through the 8 weeks.

(I also found that pinning my ‘before’ pictures on my fridge door was a huge help, as it would stop me from delving into the fridge for any treats!!).

The other incentive I used, was, the money I would have spent on wine I saved and this was for me to treat myself with some new clothes after the 8 weeks!



When I started the TTT I was so excited and couldn’t  wait to see the pounds fall off. The second week was toughest as in my head I always said it was going to be (not a good idea) and it was also half term, everyone around me on the course was losing weight left right and centre,  BUT for me it just stayed and to be fair I was getting a little down, and then…… on week six it happened, I literally woke up one morning and the weight had gone, it was amazing… in total when the eight weeks was up I had lost over a stone and half, I was toned had found the love of new and different foods and home workouts. People were noticing the weight loss, (and many friends have gone on and signed up to do the TTT, with their own fantastic results. have a look at the testimonals on The Fitness Link website!). I had to buy a whole new wardrobe as the clothes we’re hanging off me, I had gone down by two clothing sizes, so glad I saved those pounds, I had a great day spending! I had more confidence and was so much more happier.

img_1666This wasn’t just a faddy diet, as there is no ‘diet’, its all about changing the mindset and eating the correct foods at the correct times. You can still eat cake, cheese, takeaways, have a tipple whatever is your thing.  Everything in moderation, its the 80% good and the 20% not so good moto!


I cannot praise JP and Lucy the couple behind the Fitness Link enough,  they have changed my life and many others in our local area too. They have worked really hard at putting these programes together that achieve results, they fully support you the whole way along and after too. Late last year they won the very prestigious Perry Exceptional Award, a fantastic achievement.


So now its a New Year and………

I am now going through the RRR this is a Restart Retrain and Refresh program, WHY you ask? Especially as I have just been telling you all about the amazing TTT transformation. Well the answer is simple, I have not been able to train since the beginning of November due to a back injury (very infuriating) and a few bad habits (skipping breakfast, enjoying too many take aways and drinking, not to mention the Christmas overload!) have crept back in…. (we are human after all!) instead of my clothes fitting well they are now rather snug, and that muffin top is coming back, so instead of moaning and getting bigger I have embarked on the RRR. I am half way through week two (its a lot easier this time and is very natural), I am enjoying some amazing meals, and am loving breakfast again!  I don’t need to have a glass of wine or two each night! The body measurements have been taken. The measuring tape is on the front of the fridge as a reminder! The exercise is not doing as well as I have had a set back in my back rehab but I will not give in and I will get the results.



What is so good about both the RRR and TTT is that you can be anywhere in the country or in the world, to partake in either programes, as it is all done online and via WhatsApp.

The RRR is similar to the TTT, I cannot wait to see the difference…. Sometimes we just need to Restart, Retrain and Refresh, what better way to start the new year. Watch this space for the transformation!


The Fitness Link

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