5 Weeks and ….

So my five weeks on the RRR (restart refresh and reenergise), has come to an end, AND I am happy to say that I have lost an overall of 8cm around various parts of my body! Thanks to The Fitness Link.

This has been done by 15-25 minute HIIT workouts and eating the correct foods at the correct times, and cutting down on my Christmas alcohol intake! it really is that simple. There’s no diet, no starving yourself and no extreme exercise plan.

When embarking on the the TTT or the RRR the Fitness Link, give you their very own manual, which includes 6 workouts, recipe ideas, ideas for shopping lists and menu planning. You also get access to their online HIIT workouts so you can do these any time of the day or night, whatever is convienient to you, the beauty is none of these take longer than 25 minutes, some even 15 (you can always find 15 minutes in your day).


The food, as said is all about eating the correct foods at the correct times and not depriving yourself of the nutrients your body needs. I still eat 3 meals a day and have a mid morning snack and afternoon snack, how good is that! You can still eat chocolate, have take always, go out for lunches and dinners, and even drink, it’s all about the 80% being good and the 20% not so!

The foods you eat do not have to be bland and boring, take a peek below at some of my favourites I have had this last month.



Family favourite Shepherds Pie, Prawn Stir Fry, Steak, Carrot and Coriander soup, Beef and Pumpkin Curry, to name a few. More dishes and ideas can be seen on foodforthought2016

I found the program easy to use, and fitted in with my busy daily life. The best bit about these programs are that you don’t have live close to the BR6 area, it can be done from all around the country, Europe the World, as the program works via online and through WhatsApp, how good is that, there’s no weigh ins, (the sad step), no weekly meet ups, just all online, zoom call chats and WhatsApp motivation and Q and A’s. It’s about changing your mindset towards your eating, which in turn becomes part of every day life.img_1972If your thinking about giving it a go, DONT think… just go for it…. my weight loss has been motivational not just for me but for others too, I feel great, feel more confident and am much happier in myself.

Hopefully this read and my previous has motivated you.

Go on get in touch with The Fitness Link.

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