Take Away Pizza

Over lockdown One,  I set the small child a little challenge in tasting local independent takeaway pizza options!
Funny enough, he took part without hesitation!

As we are now back in Lockdown part Two I thought i’d share with you our best findings for a local take out pizza!

1. Forcella Pizza

This pizza business popped up over lockdown and can be found in the car park of The Woodman Pub in Farnborough Village. Proper wood fired pizzas made in the back of a Land Rover Defender, pre-booking is advised and there is a choice of 4 pizza options. including a weekly special.










2.The Rose and Crown

The first take away we had over lockdown and where our idea came from for this little feature. Baked in their pizza oven in the back garden they were very tasty and the tomato sauce was yum according to the then 10 year old – it also helps that they apparently do the best brownies around, which you can takeaway, again this is from the small child, and in honesty the brownies are goooood!





3. Amano

Loads of pizza topping choices from this local bar and kitchen, preordering is advised, a great beer/wine deal on to (well there was when we ordered ours). Either pick up yourselves or use one of those well know apps for home delivery!





4.  Tams Convenience Store!

Local grocer Tams has a pizza kitchen tucked away at the back, – who knew that! Again we pre-ordered and walked down for collection. This has proven a popular choice with younger members of the family and is certainly considerably cheaper than a well known franchise! The curly fries are always a winner!



5. Fireaway Pizza

The first thing that we have ever ordered off Deliveroo! I know how archaic are we! But lockdown one was full of firsts! Only a few crusts left! So it must have been good. I have found out since we tried Fired Away – that they are a franchise – so not quite independent BUT is still someone’s local business.


Some of the above can be found on those food delivery apps! ?

Decisions decisions, whichever you decide on we hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to tag and tell us if you try any or can tell us about any other local pizza take out businesses.

Thanks for the read 

Helen and the team