Dobble – We love this family game, first discovered on a Mark Warner holiday, now Dobble is packed each time we go away – love the fact it comes in a tin so no battered box, a great game for all ages.






A beach bag is a must, during the week all sorts will be finding its way in there, but it will always include a good read, this book is by  –  Maggie Cammiss’  the other must is sunscreen many have been tried and tested over the years, but this has to been found to be a family favourite, by My Showcase it comes in various factors. This beach bag is a firm favourite of mine, as given to me by the wonderful Digital Mums, a fantastic company and if it wasn’t for them I would not be here today doing my job!


Always always need travel adapters, to recharge all the gadgets and to make sure the IPhone and IPad has charge to be able to post, tweet and capture the memories that we are creating as a family.img_2123

this one is by Emma Lomax


You always need some cash, in our house its normally the children asking for euros for the pool table!






Sliders, loving our personalised ones from Adidas, a must for the poolside and beach.img_4700

We love to play a spot of tennis to keep us active on holiday, and with Mark Warner holidays each resort has courts and tuition for all ages, as well as all the water sports too. It’s a win win, relax when you want and be active when you want.


This LEGO bag from Annabelles Applique is so handy, it comes with us on all trips, keeping the little pieces altogether.




Finally not forgetting the gadgets, phone for photos and iPad for keeping the blogs and social media platforms up to date. Loving the flexible working element of work that works.

Let us know your Top Ten items to take away on a sun drenched holiday!!

Thanks for reading. img_3756