Interview with the Mayor – Hannah Gray

A few weeks back I had a really interesting, fun and insightful conversation with Hannah Gray who is currently Mayor of bromley. As you can imagine the roll of the Mayor has had to completely adapt to the cover restrictions, just like so many other people and businesses, take a read of how she is triumphantly adapting the role.

The ribbon cutting opening ceremonies, lovely lunches and grand dinner galas are not on the agenda for this years Mayor, thanks to Covid restrictions, but none the less this years appointed Mayor of Bromley Hannah Gray has turned this socially outgoing mayor appointment around and has embraced the social networking online and has socially distanced meetings when allowed, along with introducing her podcasts – the first mayor EVER to do so… Hannah has immense energy and is passionate about helping the local community and businesses around, and of course local charities too, this enthusiasm oozes out as we have our chat via zoom.

How have the restrictions impacted your roll as Mayor?

I am in a lucky position as Mayor during covid to have met people who I wouldn’t normally have met, people I can personally say thank you to, people who are going about their every day jobs and don’t normally get thanked, those that spring to mind and have been memorable include;

The workers at the local dump – they have been inundated with visitors whilst people have been clearing out their homes and gardens.

The pharmacists dispensing medication and seeing the sick for advice.

Gloomy as it may seem the undertakers, a hard time for them as well, everyone has feelings and each person and family they see has a story.

The volunteer groups – there are so many out there its amazing, such great community spirit, one that particularly sticks is Shaw Trust, they support adults with learning difficulties.

Its been and incredible journey so far being mayor, being able to say thank you to those who normally don’t get that thanks.

I hear the Mayor is now online, tell us more….

I am shaking up the role of the Mayor as in i’m modernising it – I have had to bring the roll up to date very quickly as the openings, lunches, dinners cannot go ahead, so I have now set up an official Mayor of Bromley Facebook and Instagram accounts which tells our followers what I have been up to, where, who I have been interviewed with, about my chosen charities, online events I have taken part in etc… The facebook and Instagram pages will then be handed over to the next mayor to continue their journey and so forth, it keeps everyone up to date and social media is where its at! Ooh we also have our own hashtag too, so please do follow #ProudofBromley

Tell us about your Charities…..

I have two charities that I am raising funds for, the first being the well known Chartwell Cancer Trust run by Michelle Simpson – They help and support children who are poorly with cancer, at the moment they have a marvellous campaign running to raise the finances for buying robots for the children to use when they have to isolate at home, they are a brilliant invention and have done wonders for the children so far who have been lucky enough to use them, we would love to raise enough money to buy some more for the Chartwell Cancer Trust.

My other Charity is a much smaller charity and is The Cystic Fibrosis Supporters Charity – the trust work tirelessly for this small local charity and annually host Bromley’s Got Talent which is an incredible event with children of all ages showing the public their talents in magic, singing acting and so much more. Unfortunately this years BGT could not go ahead so that is a huge dent to their annual fundraising so I’m hoping we can help make that dent not so large.

I also love the synergies that both these charities have and the Cystic Fibrosis Supporters Charity learning from The Chartwell Cancer Trust and the Chartwell Cancer Trust  helping the Cystic Fibrosis Supporters Charity, its a lovely match.


How are you raising money for your chosen charities as fundraisers etc can’t really go ahead?

I am hosting a prize draw which will be drawn towards the end of my term of Mayor in April. I have tried to keep the ticket price affordable at £10 and thought a raffle was a better way rather than an auction as it opens it up to many more people. Tickets are available now until the prize draw in April – I have some amazing prizes including a ride in a Spitfire etc etc. 

I’ve heard about your Podcast, what a great idea, could you explain a little more about it.

As previously mentioned I am trying to bring the roll of mayor to the modern day of living and thought hosting a podcast was a great step forward in doing so – we have recorded a couple so far but unfortunately due to Covid our planned podcast recordings have had to be put on hold – but we hope to resume these as soon as restrictions are lifted. I am looking to interview local residents, those who have an interesting story to tell, entrepreneurs who can share their journey, people who can share advice and wisdom, and of course those who run local charities too. So if anyone is interested then do get in touch please do.

And lastly Hannah could you tell me about your Festival Bands.

Yes of course, these bands I have had especially made for when I visit schools, colleges, offices etc… obviously that isn’t happening now so when I have zoom calls etc I tend to send them to those involved for example I recently judged a virtual online art competition, and all participants got one, this afternoon I have been invited to the virtual Youth Games online of which our Borough won last year – so that will be exciting. The bands are a way of thanking the individual and include the rainbow for community and connection along with our hashtag #ProudofBromely.

I think you can say Hannah has been extremely busy both online and when allowed in real life too. A truly passionate lady about the local community she is taking the borough forward in so many ways. If you would like to donate or buy a ticket for her ongoing raffle then please click on this link

It also goes without saying if you have a story to tell and would like to be involved with one of her Podcasts, or would be interested in Hannah mayor of Bromley to be involved with your business, charity etc then please do contact her on

A great chat with a very friendly, motivating and forward thinking lady, we wish her well with the rest of her remaining term.


Thanks for the read

Helen and Team