Have you collected your new ‘19’ plate car yet?
Maybe you have one on order….

Have you thought about protecting the paintwork on the vehicle
and the long-term benefits of this?

By applying a ceramic coating to the paint work, you are creating a highly repellent, harder layer to the surface. It will help to protect your car from fallout, droppings, tar and even minor scratches.
A high-quality ceramic coating works well on both gloss and matt finishes and if looked after correctly, is durable for 2-3 years. With enhancing hydrophobic properties, it provides a high gloss finish to the vehicles paintwork.
With self-cleaning properties within the coating, no waxing or reapplication is required. Therefore is extremely low maintenance and will provide a great base to work with going forward.
With our new car package, the interior will also be fully protected.

At Carbon Detailing, we have over 14 years’ experience within the car detailing and valeting industry, we can create bespoke packages to suit individual needs. We are a fully mobile service, operating 6 days a week.
Contact us via our website www.supercarvalet.com or via Instagram @carbondetailing to see how we can help you maintain your vehicles value and to see why we are
‘Entrusted with The Best’